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A key publication for patent owners, litigators, and IP professionals operating in today’s global economy, Patent Office Litigation is a two-volume set focused on the new contested proceedings under the America Invents Act. This book examines how the proceedings interact with other aspects of patent procurement and enforcement, and delivers practical analysis and advice. To order your copy of Patent Office Litigation today, click here.

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Total Number of petitions for Covered Business Method review filed as of October 19, 2018

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Total Number of petitions for Inter Partes review filed as of October 19, 2018

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Derivation Proceedings

An overview of derivation proceedings is provided here, covering subjects from the basic definition of a derivation proceeding, to which patents are eligible, and other questions throughout the process.

Inter Partes Reexamination vs. Inter Partes Review

Although inter partes reexaminations can no longer be filed, it is helpful to understand the new inter partes review proceeding in the context of the inter partes reexam process.  This chart compares the two proceedings, and highlights the differences under the new law and rules.

Is the Patent a Covered Business Method?

This handy flowchart provides a road-map for determining whether a patent is a covered business method, and is hence eligible for CBM review.

Post-Grant Challenges

This cheat sheet provides the who, what, when, limitations, and strategic considerations of all of the post-grant challenges available to patent owners and other interested parties alike.  Covered are inter partes reexamination, ex parte reexamination, inter partes review, covered business method review, and post-grant review.

Supplemental Examination

All aspects of supplemental examination are covered in this reference, spanning from the fundamentals of the proceeding to why patent owners should consider requesting S.E.

Transitional Proceeding for CBM Patents

This cheat sheet gives an overview of the new covered business method patent review proceeding, covering the current environment, and looking forward to the future of the proceeding.



What is Supplemental Examination and What Does it Mean for You?

David Cornwell and Rich Coller give an overview of Supplemental Examination, explaining the implementation and unique features of SE in the new environment of the America Invents Act.  To experience the hour-long recorded webinar, click here.

What to Expect When You’re Expecting a Patent Challenge

Eldora Ellison, Lori Gordon, and Michelle Holoubek help you to understand your options and obligations before the USPTO under the America Invents Act.  The hour-long presentation covers new patent litigation options and the anticipated issues for patent owners as the new law takes effect.  To listen to the webinar, click here.

Use It or Lose It: Why Consider Inter Partes Reexamination Right Now

Although the window of opportunity to initiate an inter partes reexam has closed, Eldora Ellison, Lori Gordon, and Jon Wright’s webinar gives a valuable look at the differences and similarities between the inter partes reexam and the inter partes review, which became available on September 16, 2012, under the America Invents Act.  For the complete hour-long presentation, click here.

Are You Prepared?  Patent Office Litigation Scenarios Under the AIA

Rob Sterne shares his unique insights about the new world of patent enforcement, licensing, and monetization.  The webinar covers the changing world of patent litigation, summarizing the new litigation proceedings under the America Invents Act.  The hour-long presentation is available here.